athlete Eligilibility

As a college-bound NUCA MMA student-athlete, you are responsible for your eligibility. That means planning ahead, taking high school classes seriously and protecting your amateur status. It can be a difficult first step, but the benefits of being a NUCA MMA student-athlete are worth the effort.

NUCA MMA Eligibility is broken into four (4) distinct classifications. Please read below to find the basic information you will need to determine your initial eligibility status with NUCA MMA and our requirements.

Entering Freshman/High School Students:

  • Graduate High School
  • SAT score of 800 combined reading and math OR graduate in top 50% of their class
  • To participate as a freshman you must have graduated high school or preparatory school within the last 3 years.
  • All athletes must have never fought professionally or have been ever paid to fight.
  • Athletes must sign drug test consent for medical clearance.

Transfer Students:

  • Students transferring from a 2 year or 4 year school must have completed 24 credit hours each academic year while attending.
  • Students transferring from one 4 year school to another must have completed 24 credit hours each academic year while attending.
  • Students can only compete for one school in any given academic year.
  • Students transferring within their same region must have permission from their current coach. If permission is not granted the student may file an appeal with NUCA MMA.

Sophomore - Senior Students:

  • Each student-athlete has 7 years to complete their college education once graduated from high school, but can only compete for 6 years.
  • To maintain eligibility each student-athlete must enroll full time, meaning 24 credits per academic year.
  • You must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to compete each semester.
  • Failing a drug test will carry a 12-month suspension and athlete cannot compete until clean results are submitted

Sophomore - Senior Students:

  • If a student has taken an extended period away from education they may be required to provide more detailed information about any participation they have had in sports outside of school during that time.

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