NUCA MMA, through the guidance and expertise of Coach Roddy, has developed a rule set that helps create a safer environment for our MMA athletes to focus on their development, but without losing the essence of what makes MMA so challenging and great. In the interest of enhanced safety, NUCA MMA has focused on several aspects of the sport to make what we believe is an environment amatuer athletes can thrive in. These involve; equipment,weight-cutting, exclusion of high-impact techniques and high quality training.

Beginning with gloves, NUCA MMA gloves will carry a weight of 6oz, 50% bigger than the traditional 4oz gloves used at the professional level. NUCA MMA athletes will all also wear feet and shin pads as well as rash guards to help provide further protection and safety.

As one of the greatest health and safety threats in this and other sports, NUCA MMA is determined to do all it can to ensure the elimination of weight-cutting for its athletes. Coaches will help athletes determine a healthy weight classification during a pre-season period of time, this setting a healthy bar to go by for the season. Competition weigh-ins will take place within 3 hours of the athlete’s contest, encouraging athletes and coaches alike to train as close as possible to their weight class throughout the season. NUCA MMA will also look to provide a greater variety of weight classes to help athletes feel comfortable within their range. NUCA MMA wants its athletes to focus on their fundamental skills and development throughout the season and not face a burden such as weight-cutting. We will do all we can to ensure an environment where all competitors feel on a level playing field, free from weight concerns.

Bridging the gap between amateur and professional MMA is a difficult task, and making rule changes without compromising the essence of the sport is delicate part of creating a safer environment to develop.
As such, NUCA MMA will be eliminating knee and elbow strikes to the head from our competitions in an effort to increase safety and decrease injury. Knees and elbows are high-impact MMA techniques that athletes can work to develop once they secure their fundamentals with NUCA MMA at an amatuer level.

From our coaches to our referees, our judges to our medical team, NUCA MMA will put a significant emphasis on ensuring that the highest level of training is received, with further emphasis on responsibility and safety.
Referees will put athlete safety above all else, and as part of this will be stopping fights if 3 strikes go unanswered by an opposing athlete. This not only encourages safety, but also keeps our athletes active and engaged at all times in competition, something which benefits both the athletes and the audience.
We expect our seasons and individual contests to be highly competitive, and by creating a safe environment our NUCA MMA athletes will gain a wealth of competition experience, preparing those who excel to make the jump to the next level.

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