NUCA MMA Showcase Tour Schedule

In perhaps the most exciting piece of news thus far in the NUCA MMA journey, details have been released in what should be an incredible series of showcase events coming up for the College MMA governing body.

Although details are still very much in development, it appears as though ‘The Venue’ at the University of Central Florida will play host to the first official look at NUCA MMA. A tentative date suggests this will take place in September, when the fall semester is in full swing and students will be in the best position to attend. Expect UCF production with WWE entertainment as fans and students alike experience college MMA for the first time with experienced and talented people behind the scenes making the concept not only a reality, but one that will be sure to excite and entertain all in attendance.

Although unconfirmed, it appears the following showcase will take place in Philadelphia, PA during the much anticipated Army v Navy football game in early December. The scheduling of this showcase event suggests a potential mouthwatering showdown for this MMA event, but we will have to wait and see on the specifics.

Although dates have yet to be announced, further showcase events will encompass Tennessee, Texas, California and possibly New York. Watch this space for upcoming news on these exciting showcase events.

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