Former University of Pittsburgh MMA Club President, Jake Holdsberg: A Multi-Talented Force in Combat Sports


In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Jake Holdsberg, the former President and Head Coach of the University of Pittsburgh MMA club. With an impressive track record in various combat sports, Holdsberg has proven himself as a true force to be reckoned with. Boasting an enviable record of 2-0 in MMA with Fury FC, an astonishing 49-8 as an amateur boxer, and a flawless 6-0 in Muay Thai. Jake`s leadership played a pivotal role in elevating the University of Pittsburgh MMA club to become a member of NUCA MMA. NUCA MMA`s Vice President, Owen Roddy, commends Holdsberg`s exceptional preparation and the club`s remarkable performances, stating, "Jake and the University of Pittsburgh MMA club have truly impressed us with their preparation and outstanding performances. We look forward to working with them for years to come"

Interviewer: Can you tell us about how your journey with NUCA MMA began?

Answer: My journey with NUCA MMA started unexpectedly with a random DM on Instagram. At first, I thought it might be spam or too good to be true. As the president of the Pitt MMA club for two years, I never imagined my athletes would have the opportunity for more than local submission grappling events. When I received a phone call from Owen Roddy, a legend in the fight game, and heard his plans for NUCA MMA, I was immediately sold. My athletes deserved this chance, and we trained relentlessly for two months to prepare for the event. I couldn`t be prouder of how they competed and carried themselves, especially since it was their first time in the ring.

Interviewer: What sets NUCA MMA apart and what was your first experience like as a fighter?

Answer: NUCA MMA provides a unique opportunity for college fighters unlike any other promotion. My first fight took place in an outdoor flea market, but NUCA`s event at UCF was in an incredible venue. The way NUCA treats its fighters sets it apart; they deliver on all their promises, which is rare in the MMA community. I highly recommend NUCA MMA to every college MMA program, as it offers room to grow and unwavering support. When my university didn`t support our team, NUCA stepped up, providing flights, hotels, and even a food per diem for us broke college kids. They genuinely care about their athletes and go the extra mile to make us feel important.

Interviewer: How was your experience at the inaugural NUCA MMA event, and what made it stand out?

Answer: The inaugural NUCA MMA event was nothing short of incredible and solidified my loyalty to NUCA for life. From the fantastic venue to the hotel accommodations, NUCA spared no expense and displayed unmatched professionalism. Being part of MMA history in such a spectacular atmosphere was a true blessing. The fights were electrifying, and the evening was action-packed from start to finish.

Interviewer: How did your role as a coach differ from being a fighter, and what were the highlights of coaching your fighters?

Answer: As a coach, I was more nervous than I had ever been as a fighter. My fighters put their trust in me, and I can`t thank them enough for that. The highlight of coaching was witnessing two of my fighters dominate their opponents, although we believe we should have gone 3-0 if not for a bad decision. Two of my fighters joined our club with no martial arts experience, and watching them grow in confidence and skill made me incredibly proud. All the hard work paid off, and it was truly worth it.

Interviewer: How did NUCA MMA impact your college career, and what was the most rewarding moment for you?

Answer: NUCA MMA was the highlight of my college career, without a doubt. Seeing my guys enter the cage with confidence and smiles on their faces made me prouder than any of my own wins. I know how intimidating that first walk to the ring can be, and knowing they did it with self-assurance made my heart swell with pride. I am incredibly grateful to have been part of MMA history and to be associated with NUCA MMA.

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